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    What is "Wayfinding"?


    Wayfinding is not just signage; as veterans of the signage industry, PLS prides ourselves on providing an entire wayfinding program for clients.  Wayfinding is a system of text, graphics and tactile information, presented at the right time the right place to guide visitors and staff to their destinations.

    Signage is a key component of any wayfinding system which helps minimize confusion and create a comfortable means of navigating unfamiliar environments. PLS endeavours to produce wayfinding sign systems that provide efficient, intuitive navigation.

    A well-planned, well-designed wayfinding solution improves customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. Guests can easily identify where they are, where they need to go and how to get there without requiring the assistance of busy staff.  Clear, concise wording, international symbols, strategically placed directories and facility maps are all components of an effective wayfinding system.

    As experts in the industry, our innovative approach to wayfinding solutions draws upon our understanding of complex environments, targeting essential details, while ensuring that the bigger picture always remains in view.  PLS works closely with our clients to analyze your facility’s signage requirements.  A typical wayfinding proposal includes a site survey, client interviews, budget analysis, traffic flow analysis, sign design, artwork of signage in context, comprehensive signage list, and a production/installation schedule.